Sunday, October 4, 2009

two cow garage = no bullshit

we've been fortunate to be able to call many of our favorite bands and musicians our friends, and we especially love it when our friends from columbus, ohio come through town. two cow garage is hands down an amazing band composed up of some truly amazing guys. one word is prominent when talking about the two cow boys... integrity. on and off stage they are simply and completly stand-up men.

the boys just came through san francisco this past weekend on their suburban home tour. shane and micah had a one-off from the rest of the tour and i picked them up from the airport before they re-untied with the van for their show at thee parkside. we had several hours to kill and i got to play tour guide as we explored the streets of haight ashbury. of course we hit up amoeba records. shane bought me the ultimate cassette tape for a buck... country meets the nfl circa 1996. no shit. i'm talking brett farve and waylon jennings singing a duet together. horribly awesome. we grubbed down at a hippie cafe and micah even ate vegetables with his dinner. we grabbed a cup of joe and sat on a blanket in the panhandle park and watched the san francisco fog roll in as we discussed the title of one my favorite books, "live for a living" that i lent the two boys. we piled back in my car and headed across town to thee parkside for sound check and to meet up with the van.

per usual, they ripped it up on stage. they always play with such ferocity and soul that you would have to be a dead fish not to have your blood pumping and your feet tapping. i remember a "drunken clarity" of a conversation i had with shane down in l.a. last spring. i was sharing with him how much i appreciated their intensity on stage and how they perform the same in front of a crowd of 10 or 100, and that unfortunately seems more and more rare these days with bands. shane went on to explain how they place a lot of value on what they bring to the stage. if you are going to play, play hard. no bullshit. hence the inspiration for their song, "mediocre". and yet again, those boys played and sang their hearts out in the city by the bay that night.

we're truly looking forward to having these boys back in town sooner than later. and we're also super stoked for micah's new solo record to come out later this month on suburban home records. yet again, the fine gentlemen down in l.a. at thunder clap super genius ( filmed another fantastic artist performing another fantastic song. this time, it's micah performing, "american static". check it out, and make sure you have all of two cow's records in your collection. an absolute must.

-vanessa jean

Two Cow Garage - "American Static" from TCSG on Vimeo.

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