Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lubricated's Second and a Half Issue + Suburban Home's 14th Birthday!!!

We are proud to annouce that we will be coming out with Lubricated's "Second and a Half" Issue a week from today in Denver in celebration of the kick-ass Suburban Home Records 14th Anniversary of doing what they do so well.

We've got an interview with Virgil, a SH list of their favorite things to do in Denver, artwork by the SH contributing artists, a sweet SH band photo montage, and some words and short stories from some of our homies.

Thanks to our good pal, Lucas Andrews from one of our favorite bands, Anchor Down for supplying us with the sweet cover art!

Patrick, myself, and Bardell will be doing some renegade zine making this weekend that will include over-taking some photo copy machines, folding, staples, beers, and good times.

You can pick up this special one of a kind zine when the three of us arrive to Denver. We'll be in town for the fun and festivities Thursday, September 10- Sunday, September 14. Hope to meet a lot of friends through music while in town!

See ya down the road shortly,
Vanessa Jean


Jana Miller said...

Yaaaay! You guys kick ass getting this together so fast. I can't wait to hang out VERY soon. Stoked on the things to do in Denver list and Virgil interview!

lubricated zine said...

thanks, ma! we are super stoked to meet you too. can't wait. zine is looking good. still much folding, pasting, and cutting to be done!

SxPxDxCx said...

Nice to meet you in Denver over the weekend. The Suburban Home 14th was an amazing time.

Jana Miller said...

Hey SxPxDxCx , who are you, did I meet you as well?

And yes, it was an amazing weekend and it was SO GOOD finally meeting you Vanessa (and Patrick)!!!

Miss Denver already!


lubricated zine said...

SH's 14th anniversary was so, so much fun. virgil and the crew do a great job.