Tuesday, October 13, 2009

R.I.P. Jon "Baggage" Pettis

Friday morning we received the awful news that our dear friend Jon Pettis, aka "Baggage", passed away. We met Baggage through our Austin, Texas bastard family of friends and musicians. Baggage played in the insanely talented band, Bankrupt and the Borrowers. Baggage left us before his time was up... but he has left us with fond memories and beautiful music.

We miss you.
We're sorry.
We love you.

Please help Baggage's fiancee, family and friends who lost too much in the fire. Here is the band's official statement...

Bankrupt and the Borrowers official statement:
"As you may or may not know we lost one of our band-mates, Jon Pettis, early Friday morning due to smoke inhalation from a freak electrical fire in his home. His Fiancee along with his good friends and roommates lost everything they owned. We are raising money to get everybody who was displaced back on their feet. At the link below you can make a credit card contribution. If you are in Austin, you can swing by the "Bankrupt House" and make a donation with Cadge. If you want to send a check, send us a message and we will give you the correct address. Remember everything is appreciated and anything helps. Thank you for all the thoughts, love and support we have received."

John Pettis Benefit - Link to Benefit: http://bankruptandtheborrowers.com/c.php?p=349

And as Baggage always said, "never go to bed angry"....

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