Sunday, May 9, 2010

Press Release: Lubricated Magazine Mix Tape Volume One: "The Company I Keep"

Lubricated Magazine and Fast Geek Press / Analog Empire to Release Two Cassette Tape Benefit Compilation

Book publisher and cassette tape label, Fast Geek Press / Analog Empire has united with Lubricated Magazine to release Lubricated Magazine Mix Tape Volume One: "The Company I Keep". This two cassette tape compilation includes an mp3 download code, original one-of-a-kind j-card artwork by Lubricated artists and over eighty-six minutes of music, spoken word and comedy – a lot of which is unreleased and original work recorded just for Lubricated. Twenty-three tracks include some of the following: Jon Snodgrass, Joey Cape, Kevin Seconds, Chris Wollard + The Ship Thieves, Red Clay River, Chad Rex, Shane Sweeney and Micah Schnabel of Two Cow Garage, The Takers, In the Red, Tom VandenAvond, Yellow Rake Zine’s Brian Polk, poet Charly “the city mouse” Fasano, Magic Cyclops and more. Each cassette will come with a handmade original j-card cover from one of our talented artists – including: Kevin Seconds, Violet Cape, Vinny Fasano, Lucas Andrews, Erika Jane, Tim O’Hanlon and many more. All the proceeds for this release will go to Lubricated Magazine to cover printing costs of the magazine. Only 100 copies will be available exclusively at Pre-sale starts May 21, 2010 for $12.00 (includes shipping costs).

Lubricated Magazine is a publication out of Northern California that supports the collective effort of independent artists, writers and musicians. You can check them out online at

Lubricated Magazine and Fast Geek Press / Analog Empire believe that printed zines, books, vinyl records and cassette tapes add to the thrill of discovering new bands, writers and artists. The physical aspect of getting covered in newsprint while thumbing through a zine, flipping over a cassette tape and holding something tangible in your hands lends to a special connection between fan and artist.

Track listing:

Side A - 21:36 minutes
1 - The Takers - When My Shades Were Drawn
2 - Shane Sweeney of Two Cow Garage - Hallelujah
3 - Paige Anderson of the Anderson Family Bluegrass Band - Flying Rocks
4 - Charly "the city mouse" Fasano - Portland
5 - Possessed by Paul James - Take Off Your Mask
6 - Kevin Seconds - Oh American Girl
7 - Jon Gaunt - Every Drink Every Song

Side B - 20:34 minutes
8 - Micah & John Schnabel - Billy James
9 - The Enablers - Whatever You Like
10 - Red Clay River - Ain't No Blues
11 - Michael Dean Damron - Dolls
12 - The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit - Bones
13 - Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves - Everybody Knows

Side C - 21:05 minutes
14 - The Anchor - Hot Dogs & Vodka
15 - Joey Cape - Good-Bye
16 - Careless Hearts - Joselina
17 - Andy Thomas - Spring Softly
18 - The Redemption Family - The Power A Secret Holds
19 - Larry & His Flask - Land of the F(r)ee
20 - Brian Polk - Let's Get Stoned and Over Analyze NomeansNo Records

Side D - 22:50
21 - Jon Snodgrass - Song For Gibson
22 - In the Red - Overworked
23 - Chad Rex - Awhile
24 - Digger Barnes - Waiting for the Snakes
25 - Tom VandenAvond - El Paso
26 - Magic Cyclops - Teen Pregnancy
27 - woMANgione – Saggy

** mastering credit thanks to Dan Utter **

J Card List of Artists:

+ Kevin Seconds
+ Violet Cape (daughter of Joey Cape)
+ Vinny Fasano
+ Tim O’Hanlon
+ The Anderson Family Bluegrass Band Kids
+ Erika Jane
+ Roy Dean
+ Aaron Burtch
+ Charly “the city mouse” Fasano
+ Eric Powers
+ Lucas Andrews
+ David McHank
+ Jeffery Fernengel
+ Nicholas Darquea
+ Cassie Podish
+ Guru Tattoo Shop’s Dave and Company
+ Patrick Speckman
+ Vanessa Jean Speckman

Available fore pre-sale on May 21, 2010 at


Jana Miller said...

I'm really excited about this! Congrats to everyone involved in pulling this together... very impressive!

Anonymous said...

Must get.

Erika Jane said...

wooo hooooo!!!

Anonymous said...

have these shipped yet?

lubricated zine said...

they have shipped... have you not received one yet? when did you order them? email us at if you haven't received yours yet. please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. thanks for your support. - vanessa