Sunday, April 12, 2009

the short of the long of it...

i've been getting really frustrated with the giant lulls in between issues of the magazine getting out for a multitude of reasons:

a. i'm broke. i work three jobs and don't get paid much (but these are very conscious decisions i have made, and for now i'd much rather be working where i find happiness and inspiration).
b. the economy is fucked (this we all know too well unfortunately) and are all affected by it in more ways than we'd like.
c. our magazine has thus been free and it costs a pretty penny from our thin wallets.

anyhoot, i had a good amount of time to kill at work while i waited for photos to upload and i had filled my stand-by time with reading the entirety of suburban home's blogs and just got really stoked on how intimate and "mom and pop" of a vibe virgil and the gang has got going over there.
i love reading about their drunken weekends at the rock show, or watching a silly video clip explaining the coming to life of snodgrass's t-shirt design, and just overall being kept posted on what the haps are with all things good and great at SH.

so i figured that is ultimately what lubricated is all about and i want to be about to transcend the vastness of the miles between all of us, as well as issues being printed through something that people would be entertained by, informed by, and be able to be a part of.

scene: enter me joining blogspot...

we've been blessed to make friends with some really amazing people all around the world, some whom i've never even met before. they are all very talented in their own right, and are someway or another plugged into the community doing what they do best. we'll keep y'all updated on all things lubricated and that we feel are worthy for your reading pleasure, as well as posting some other cool shit that friends are working on their respective neck of the woods. we'll also post some interviews and other materials here that didn't make it into an actual physical issue of the zine as well.Link

y'all can get in touch with us at the following sites:


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